John Elliott

elliottJohn R. Elliott is a Reader in Intelligence Engineering, Innovation North with the Faculty of Information and Technology at Leeds Metropolitan University in the UK. John helped organize the first dedicated SETI Conference, which was hosted by the International Academy of Astronautics (22–26 September 2008, Searching for Life Signatures, Paris, France) and he will be chairing the SETI II session at the International Astronautics Congress in Glasgow.  John earned his BSc (Honors) in Information Systems with Artificial Intelligence at the University of Leeds in 1998. He earned his MSc in Distributed Multimedia Systems at the University of Leeds in 1999. He earned his PhD in Computational Linguistics at the University of Leeds in 2003 where he focused on language universals and language discovery.

A Subcommittee of the IAA SETI Permanent Commmittee (SPC)